Who do we help?

Genhart's commitment is to provide a machining service to organisations in all of the following sectors:

  • Aerospace
    Precision components utilised in aircraft controls, guidance and fuel systems machined from specialist aerospace metals and plastics.
  • Electrical and electronics
    Production of electro-mechanical components used in rotary encoders, transducers, thermocouples and sensors.
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
    All types of valve and actuation applications demanding small close tolerance components.
  • Medical
    Precision manufacturing of components used in neurosurgery, component parts used in manufacture of bone joint replacements and synthetic heart valves.
  • Metrology
    Components with critical surface finishes (typically 4 microns) used in probe and laser measurements, microscopes and laboratory equipment.
  • Mining
    Servo valve components used for 'intrinsically safe' underground applications.
  • Oil and Gas Exploration
    Manufacture of precision components produced from exotic materials and super-alloys consistent with very high temperature applications.
  • Motorsport and Formula 1
    Components used in suspension and engine management systems.

Interested in our service?

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